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Camera Gear


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Photography Styles

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Drone Photography

Film Photography

Underwater Shooting

Photography Business

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Advanced Techniques

Editing Mastery

Camera Accessories

Creative Composition
Basic Techniques
1. Digital Photography School Photo Tech Tutor 
2. Photography Life Photo Basics Tips 
3. PetaPixel Photo News Review 
4. Fstoppers Photo Comm Pro 
5. The Spruce Photo Tips Learn 
6. B&H Photo Video Photo Tips Gear 
7. Adorama Learning Center Photo Tutor Gear 
8. PhotographyTalk Photo Forum Less 
9. DIY Photography Photo DIY Creat 
10. digitalcamerabasics Digital camera basics Camera settings Beginner photography 
11. Peter McKinnon YouTube Tutorials Filmmaking 
12. Tom Hull Landscape Advertising Photography 
13. Amelia Allen Portrait Lifestyle Documentary 
14. Adam Bird Wedding Fine-Art Fashion 
15. Haris Nukem Fashion Commercial Exhibition 
16. Mathieu Stern Filmmaker Vintage Lenses Experimentation 
21. Ditch Auto DSLR Manual Free 
22. Lifehacker Night School Guide Free Digital 
23. Craftsy Portraits Portraits Family Intermediate 
24. MIT OpenCourseWare Academic SLR Free 
25. Strobist Lighting Lighting Flash Free 
26. Digital Camera World News Tips Tutorials 
27. Photography Essentials Photography Essentials 
28. Digital Photography Review Photography News Technology 
29. Motion Array Photography Resources Beginners 
30. Camera Prism Photography Resources Learn 
31. MUO Photography Courses Beginners 
32. Tomas Havel Photography Learn Websites 
33. Kinsta Photography Photography Websites Design 
34. Fstoppers News Tutorials Community 
35. Camera Jabber Reviews Guides Tutorials 
36. Digital Photography Review News Technology Photography 
37. The Photo Argus Blog Photography Inspiration 
38. 500px Photography Portfolio Sell 
39. PhotographyLife Education Guide Basics 
40. CaptureTheAtlas Education Photography Concepts 
41. Digital Camera World News Tips Reviews 
42. Pop Photo Tutorials Videos Contests 
43. ExpertPhotography Camera Lens Composition 
44. Shutterfly Light Composition Tips 
45. Pixpa Classes Education Online 
Camera Gear
1. Shotkit Camera Gear Equipment Guides Photography Tips 
2. B&H Camera Gear Photography Equipment Retail 
3. DPReview Camera Reviews Photography Guides Forums 
4. Adorama Camera Gear Retail User Reviews 
5. Ken Rockwell Camera Gear Photography Advice Gear Reviews 
6. MPB Marketplace Used Gear Warranty 
7. SRS Microsystems Pentax Trade-In UK 
8. E-Infinity New Gear Budget Europe 
9. B&H Equipment Used Gear Global Shipping 
10. Amazon Electronics Retailer Genuine Reviews 
11. ShutterTech Tech Exploration Reviews Mastery 
12. DigiLens Digital Lenses Reviews Lens Enhancement 
13. Abe's of Maine Photography Sales Electronics 
17. KEH Camera Used Camera Gear 
18. UsedPhotoPro Used Cameras Equipment 
19. Adorama Digital Digital Cameras Kits 
20. Gear Focus Camera Gear Marketplace 
21. Photography Life Camera DSLR Mirrorless 
22. Rtings Reviews Cameras Beginners 
23. Zach Nicholz Equipment Nikon Beginners 
24. B&H Store Cameras Gear 
25. Shotkit Buying Guide Gear Cameras 
26. Digital Photography School Buying Guide Budget Camera 
Lighting Explained
1. Strobist Tutorials DIY Lighting 
2. Light Stalking Community Articles Challenges 
3. The Slanted Lens Tutorials Reviews Tips 
4. Fstoppers Articles Tutorials Community 
5. Pixpa Guide Essentials Techniques Basics 
6. Lighting Setup Positioning Techniques Setup 
7. Soft vs Hard Light Quality Differences Effects 
8. Natural and Flash Natural Flash Techniques 
9. Color Temperature Temperature Color Adjustment 
10. Phlearn Blog Photography Lighting Blogging 
13. Lieben Photography Family Photography Natural Light 
14. Will Bremridge Lifestyle Photography Colorful 
15. Brandon Woelfel People Photography Lighting 
16. Theron Humphrey Outdoor Photography Nature 
17. Tom Hull Photography Landscape Advertising 
18. Amelia Allen Fashion Documentary Portrait 
19. Adam Bird Art Fashion Wedding 
20. Haris Nukem Art Fashion Commercial 
21. Mathieu Stern Art Technique Filmmaking 
22. Pixelphant Lighting Guide Equipment Product Photography Guides 
23. ExpertPhoto Lighting Tips Guide 
24. ShotKit Lighting Techniques Professional Tips 
25. iPhotography Lighting Types Ambient 
26. Expert Photography Lighting Natural Artificial 
27. Film Only Lighting Lighting Backlight Effect 
28. MUO Lighting Lighting Studio Artificial 
29. FORMAT Lighting Lighting Position Quality 
30. Shotkit Artificial Light Colors Tips 
31. Pixpa Soft-Light Bounce Flash Techniques 
32. Photography Life Flash Diffusers Reflectors 
33. Strikingly Rim Light Subject Technique 
34. Simple Booth Tips Environment Evaluation 
35. Motion Array 3-Point Setup Light Sources Guide 
36. Domestika Flash Artificial Lighting Indoor 
37. Motif Equipment Lighting Effects Photos 
Landscape Advice
1. ExpertPhoto Landscape Photography Tips 
2. PhotographyLife Landscape Photography Advice 
3. Contrastly Landscape Blogs Photography 
4. Luminous Landscape Photography Landscape Tips 
5. Loaded Landscapes Photography Tutorials Gear 
6. Photo Naturalist Photography Nature Wildlife 
7. Nature TTL Photography Nature Tips 
8. Format Landscape Photography Landscape Nature 
11. Travis G. Decker Travel Landscape Photography 
12. Marcel Steinegger Travel Landscape Art 
13. MODzent Travel Photography Blog 
14. LandscapeVisions Stunning Visions Easy Transformation 
15. ProLandscape Pro Photographer Courses Game Elevation 
16. Kaitlin Miller Art Design Nature 
17. Grant Anderson Scotland Travel Nature 
18. Luan Baruti Switzerland Nature Alps 
19. Prajit Ravindran Night Sky Desert Utah 
20. Scott Matthews Nature Art Commercial 
21. Phil Nguyen Travel Brand Lifestyle 
22. Ed Kenney Nature Wildlife Travel 
23. 42West Landscape Photography Tips 
24. MasterClass Landscape Techniques Scale 
25. Expert Photography Mountains Pastures Landscapes 
26. Imaginated Tips Skills Landscape 
27. iPhotography Guide Landscapes Beginners 
28. Brendan Williams Lenses Wide-Angle Telephoto 
29. Digital Photography School Locations Research Subjects 
1. Afterlight 2 Mobile Editing Filters 
2. Exposure X4.5 Film Simulation Advanced 
3. Fotor Cloud Easy Subscription 
4. Google Photos Cloud Backup Simple 
5. CreativeClicks Post-Processing Inspiration Techniques 
6. EditMasters Art Mastery Tips Skills Elevation 
7. ACDSee Photo Studio Editing Software Photography 
8. Capture One Professional Editing Software 
9. Darktable Open-Source Editing Photography 
10. Squarespace Website Builder Portfolio Analytics 
11. Adobe Portfolio Adobe Portfolio Customizable 
12. Behance Social Media Portfolio NFT 
13. SmugMug Storage Editing Print-on-Demand 
14. PhotoShelter Storage Sales Customizable Templates 
15. DxO PhotoLab RAW Editing Correction Optimization 
16. ON1 Photo RAW RAW Filters Presets 
17. Corel PaintShop Pro Graphics Editing Enhancements 
18. Serif Affinity Photo Design Retouching RAW Editing 
19. ACDSee Photo Studio Editing Organizing Facial Recognition 
20. GIMP Enhancements Retouching Customizable 
21. Adobe Lightroom Photo Editing Organizing Syncing 
22. Skylum Luminar Neo AI Editing Presets Extensions 
23. Corel PaintShop Pro Photo Editing Templates User Experience 
24. Serif Affinity Photo Retouching HDR Stitching 
25. ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate All-in-One Mobile Sync Facial Recognition 
26. GIMP Free Customizable Plugin Support 
27. Canva Simple Design Templates Mobile App 
Smartphone Photography
1. Camera +2 IOS Manual Controls Presets 
2. Camera Zoom FX Premium Android DSLR-Like User-Friendly 
3. Moment Pro Camera IPhone Manual Controls Burst Mode 
4. CaptureLandscapes Tips Landscapes Smartphone 
5. Wix Tips Photography Smartphone 
Wildlife Photography
1. Nature TTL Tips Low Light Wildlife Tips 
2. Conservation Visuals Macro Underwater Details 
3. Photography Life Settings Camera Settings ISO Quality 
4. MPB Guide Urban Wildlife Tips 
7. Amy Gulick Conservation Ecosystem Award-Winning 
8. Angela Scott Iconic Africa Emotion 
9. Art Wolfe Famous Nature Magnificent 
10. Brent Stirton Storytelling Conservation Advocacy 
Drone Photography
1. Dronegenuity Drone Photography Aerial 
Underwater Shooting
1. Thomas Peschak Wildlife Conservation Photojournalism 
2. Brian Skerry Marine Wildlife Conservation 
3. Juan Oliphant Sharks Conservation Ocean 
4. Elena Kalis Artistic Models Underwater 
5. Craig Parry Nature Ocean Australia 
6. Jason Washington Shipwrecks Wildlife Underwater 
7. Jennifer Hayes Aquatic Biology Global 
Exhibition Tips
1. Digital Photography School Galleries Cafes Artists 
2. Focus Picfair Virtual Interactive Concept 
1. Wix Color Schemes Website Design Photography 
2. Dave Morrow Color Theory Photography Tips Visual Appeal 
3. Fotographee Color Theory Practical Tips Photographers 
4. Ehab Photography Color Theory Image Impact Comprehensive Guide 
5. Shotkit Color Theory Creativity Photography Enhancement 
6. Color Wheel Artist Discover color theory and its application in photography and art 
7. Color Hunt Find trendy color palettes for design and photography inspiration 
8. Paletton Design color schemes and generate colors for creative projects 
9. COLOURLovers Join a creative community for sharing color palettes and patterns 
10. ColorMunki Enhance color management with tools for accurate color reproduction 
11. Color Matters Explore color theory concepts Meanings And their impact on photography 
12. Pantone Access color standards and products for designers and photographers 
1. Expert Photography Photography Law Copyright Guidelines 
2. Paper Street Law Firm Photography Best Practices Guidelines 
3. NatLawReview Law Firm Professional Photography Headshots 
4. NEXT Photography Law Commercial Use Professional Tips 
5. Wikipedia Legal Overview Photography Courtroom Laws 
1. Shotkit Workshops Global Workshops Photography Skills Expert Guidance 
2. Pixpa Workshops Diverse Workshops Photography Styles Creative Learning 
3. FORMAT Travel Photography Adventure Experiential Learning 
4. FixThePhoto Practical Workshops Hands-on Learning Photography Skills 
5. Digital Camera World Online Courses Accessibility Photography Learning 
1. Analog Forever Analog Print Online 
2. Artsy History Technique Education 
3. FORMAT Inspiration Style Portfolios 
4. Shotkit Tips Techniques Education 
5. Topaz Labs DIY Scanning Developing 
6. PetaPixel Innovation Industry Trends 
7. Camera Rescue Community Discussion Technique 
Advanced Techniques
6. Photography Life News Reviews Tips 
7. Popular Photography Tutorials Videos Contests 
8. Geoff Lawrence Lighting Composition Strategy 
Editing Basics
1. Skylum Luminar 4 Editing Presets Filters 
2. RawTherapee Free Open-Source Editing 
3. darktable Workflow Color Organization 
5. Udemy
7. Corel PaintShop Pro Editing Software Advanced 
8. Phlearn Photoshop Lightroom Tutorials 
9. PiXimperfect Photoshop Tutorials Free 
10. Envato Tuts+ Design Illustration Photoshop 
11. Photoshop Cafe Photoshop Tutorials Premium 
12. Spoon Graphics Design Retouching Photoshop 
13. DigitalCanvas Digital Art Tutorials Creativity Unleashed 
14. PCMag Photo Editors Software Reviews Editing 
15. Paint.NET Editing Free Simple 
16. InPixio Free Photo Editor Editing Beginners Social Media 
17. BeFunky Free Online Photo Editor Editing Graphic Design Collage 
18. Photo Pos Pro Editing Advanced Professional 
19. PCMag Editing Photo Review 
20. Skylum Editing Software Beginners 
21. Adobe Lightroom Editing AI Adobe 
22. Luminar Neo AI Editing Presets 
23. Snappa Editing Graphics Web-Based 
24. Colorcinch AI Editing Filters 
26. Canva Design Editing Templates 
27. PhotoWorkout Guides Editing Beginners 
28. Fotor Editing Free Tools 
29. Pixlr AI Editing Design 
30. Photopea PSD XCF Sketch 
31. Kapwing Free Online Simple 
32. PicMonkey Cropping Exposure Effects 
low ranks
1. Skylum Composition Basics Visual Art Beginners Guide 
2. Community Forums Reviews 
3. World of Travel Photography Rule of Thirds Leading Lines Foreground 
4. The Rule of Thirds Composition Balanced Guideline 
5. Leading Lines Composition Engaging Technique 
6. Foreground Interest Depth Focus Technique 
7. Focal Length Lens Compression Bokeh 
8. Digital Photography Review Photography News Technology 
9. Peter McKinnon Photography Filmmaking Tutorials 
10. Mike Kelley Architecture Photography Portfolio 
11. Scott Snyder Photography Product Portfolio 
12. Geoff Lawrence Basics Advanced Strategies 
13. Udemy Photography Online Courses Education Skills Development 
14. Best Photo Lessons Free Lessons Tips 
15. FrameMasters Composition Tips Tutorials 
16. The Photo Argus Creativity Courses Photography 
17. Photography Concentrate Training Tutorials Photography 
18. Photofocus Education Free Photography 
19. Popular Photography Learning Tips Free 
21. Pixpa
23. Expert Photography Photography Websites Inspiration 
24. Pixpa Composition Techniques Photos 
25. PetaPixel Composition Techniques Art 
26. DP School Portfolios Photography Portfolio Design 
27. Shutterstock Composition Guidelines Stock 
28. Tom Hull Photography Landscape Advertising 
29. Amelia Allen Photography Lifestyle Documentary 
30. Adam Bird Photography Wedding  
31. 500px Photography Portfolio Sales 
32. Fstoppers News Tutorials Community 
33. PhotoLife Tutorials Kits Art 
34. Camera Jabber News Reviews Tutorials 
low ranks
Portrait Tips
1. PhotoWhoa Compilation of valuable online courses for portrait photography. 
2. Dani Diamond Portraits Retouching Natural Light 
3. Lindsay Adler Posing Editorial Fashion 
4. Creativelive Resources Learning Videos 
5. RGG EDU Tutorials Video Natural Light 
6. Nate Torres Tips Tips Tricks Guidance 
7. Format Portraits Photography Portraits Inspiration 
8. Daniel Cavanaugh Photography Portraits Color 
9. Luc Coiffait Photography Editorial Branding 
10. Tomas Smith Photography Intimacy Lush 
11. Justin Aranha Photography Creativity Portraits 
12. Pergear Portrait Photography Portraits Tips 
16. PhotographyLife Tips Courses Guides 
17. Expert Photography Education Business Skills 
18. Digital Camera World Tutorials Reviews Tips 
19. PhotographyTalk Tips Courses Accessories 
20. Digital Photography School Tips Skills Location 
21. ShotKit Portraits Portrait Advanced Techniques 
22. Digital Photo Mentor Tutorials Interactive Portrait 
23. Pixpa Portraits Portrait Tips Props 
24. 500px Photography Portfolio Sell 
25. Fstoppers Photography Tutorials Community 
26. Camera Jabber Equipment Reviews Tutorials 
27. Digital Photography Review News Technology Reviews 
28. The Photo Argus Blog Photography Listicles 
29. MasterClass Creative Personality Technique 
30. B&H Connection Process Rapport 
31. KEH Camera Equipment Camera Lens 
32. Nate Torres Location Personality Theme 
33. Motion Array Exposure Triangle Technique Portraits 
34. Shutterfly Proximity Setting Quality 
35. 42West Essentials Techniques Beginners 
36. Digital Photo Mentor Editing Adjustments Color 
37. FixThePhoto Lifestyle Conceptual Traditional 
low ranks
Action Shooting
1. Lucas Gilman Photography Adventure Editorial 
6. Canva
7. ActionPro Art Mastery Guide Enhancement 
8. ActionHeroes Heroic Shots Techniques Next Level 
9. Tom Hull Photography Landscape Advertising 
10. Amelia Allen Documentary Portrait Lifestyle 
11. Adam Bird Wedding Fine-Art Fashion 
12. Haris Nukem Fashion Commercial Exhibition 
13. Mathieu Stern Photography Filmmaking Photoshop 
14. Pedro Oliveira Portraits Lifestyle Travel 
15. Sanz Lena Fashion Beauty Editorial 
16. Ariana Jordan Wedding Portrait Storytelling 
17. Jen Huang Bogan Weddings Portraits Engagements 
18. James Tye Photography Portfolio UK 
19. Mike Kelley Architecture Design Art 
20. Peter McKinnon Photography Presets Shop 
21. This Wild Idea Photography Portfolio Shop 
22. Greg Ross Photography Portfolio Art 
23. Giles Clement Photography Portfolio Art 
24. Deanie Chen Photography Portfolio Art 
25. Harold Feng Events Travel Photography 
26. Danilo & Sharon Weddings Portraits Photography 
27. Deegan Action Techniques Energy 
28. MasterClass Shooting Moving Subjects Planning 
29. iPhotography Sports Action Style 
30. Digital Photography School Action Camera Lens 
31. Canva Sports Action Preparation 
32. Motion Array Websites Resources Action 
33. Wedio Pro Tips Gear Action 
34. PictureCorrect Pre-Focusing Technique Action 
35. Digital Trends Simplicity Pointers Action 
low ranks
Photography Styles
1. Tom Hull Landscape Advertising Emotion 
2. Amelia Allen Documentary Fashion Portraits 
3. Adam Bird Wedding Fine-Art Fashion 
4. Haris Nukem Fashion Commercial Bold 
5. Mathieu Stern Vintage Experimental Filmmaking 
6. Olga Miljko Fashion Portrait Miami-Based 
7. Jen Huang Bogan Wedding Portrait Shop 
8. James Tye Gallery Blog Social 
9. Mike Kelley Architecture Clean Portfolio 
10. Peter McKinnon Digital E-Commerce Tutorial 
11. This Wild Idea Simple E-Commerce Prints 
12. 500px Photography Portfolio Inspiration 
13. Fstoppers News Tutorials Community 
14. Photography Life Tutorials Learning Kits 
15. Camera Jabber News Reviews Tutorials 
16. Digital Photography Review News Technology Reviews 
17. The Photo Argus Blog Photography Listicles 
low ranks
Street Photography
1. Eric Kim Blog Blog Education Art 
2. Street Hunters Collective Global Contests 
3. Burn My Eye Collective International Quality 
4. Spontanea Italian Collective Surreal 
5. Observe Collective Collective Magazine Storytelling 
6. Magnum Photos Archive Famous Comprehensive 
7. LensCulture Magazine Free Interviews 
low ranks
Event Coverage
1. Shotkit Photography Tips Gear 
2. PhotoWorkout Photography Tips Editing 
6. Tom Hull Photography Landscape Advertising 
7. Amelia Allen Photography Documentary Portrait 
8. Adam Bird Photography Wedding Fine-Art 
low ranks
Film Photography
2. Shoot It With Film Film Community Education 
3. Photodom Blog Film Tips Resources 
4. Ken Rockwell Reviews Photography Cameras 
5. Butkus Manuals 
low ranks
Photography Business
1. Knolton Photography Weddings Seniors Families 
3. Jen Huang Bogan Weddings Portraits E-commerce 
4. James Tye Blog Gallery Contact 
5. Mike Kelley Architecture Portfolio Design 
6. Peter McKinnon Shop Lightroom Video 
7. This Wild Idea Shop Prints Portfolio 
8. Greg Ross Blog Gallery Monochrome 
9. Giles Clement Art Photography Design 
10. Deanie Chen Gallery Photography Art 
11. Harold Feng Shop Travel Events 
12. Danilo & Sharon Weddings Luxury Publications 
low ranks
1. MUO Camera Maintenance Cleaning Protection 
2. Picfair Gear Maintenance Storage Beginners 
3. Creative Bloq Photography News Gear Tips Maintenance 
4. Photofocus Gear Protection Photography Tips 
5. Fstoppers Easy Maintenance Gear Care Photography Tips 
6. Digital Photography School Access photography tips Tutorials And gear maintenance advice 
7. Find photography equipment reviews and accessory recommendations 
8. LensRentals Blog Discover insights on camera gear Lens maintenance And rentals 
9. Photography Life Access articles on photography techniques Camera maintenance And gear reviews 
10. PetaPixel Stay updated with photography news Tutorials And gear-related articles 
11. Photography Concentrate Access photography resources Tutorials And gear maintenance guides 
12. Photofocus Gear Explore articles and reviews on photography gear and accessories 
13. PhotographyTalk Participate in photography forums Gear discussions And find maintenance tips 
14. Improve Photography Access photography education Gear reviews And maintenance insights 
low ranks
1. Photo Ethics Centre Ethics in Photography Education Workshops 
2. Photography Course Ethics Code Press Photography Guidelines 
3. Big Duck Image Ethics Photography Impact Guidelines 
4. PetaPixel Photography Ethics Advocacy Professionalism 
5. Center for Media & Social Impact Discover media ethics and photography's role in storytelling and ethics 
6. Ethical Journalism Network Discover ethical journalism's relevance to photography and storytelling 
7. International Center for Journalists Tackle ethical challenges in journalism Including photography ethics 
8. Poynter Institute Access journalism and ethics resources Including those related to photography 
low ranks
1. Damith Danthanarayana Nature Photography Wildlife Macro 
2. Feedspot Blog Macro Photography Blogs Learning Resources 
3. Nicky Bay Macro Photography Equipment Professional Tips 
4. Expert Photography Macro Photographers Inspiration Nature 
5. Shotkit Macro Photography Famous Photographers Creativity 
low ranks
1. Feedspot Blogs Photojournalism Blogs Diverse Topics Learning Resource 
2. Shotkit Inspiration Inspirational Websites Various Genres Photography Ideas 
3. NPPA Journalism Advocacy Professional Resources Visual Journalism 
4. Time 2022 Contemporary Journalism Diverse Themes Quality Work 
low ranks
1. Shotkit Inspiration Genres Templates 
2. Expert Photography Inspiration Learning Showcase 
3. Camera Prism Learning Resources Guides 
4. Digital Photography School Courses Assignments Lectures 
5. The Photo Argus Creative Courses Lightroom 
6. Photography Concentrate Tutorials Fundamentals Editing 
7. Photofocus Blog Podcasts Webinars 
8. Popular Photography Newsletter How-To Beginner 
low ranks
Creative Composition
1. PhotographyLife Composition Beginners Tips 
2. KewlTekPhoto Techniques Composition Guide 
3. LightStalking Guidelines Composition Simple 
4. Skylum Composition Photography Beginners 
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