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Soil Science


Geophysical Prospecting



Environmental Geology

Astronomical Geology







Quaternary Science
1. Library of Congress Edu Dino Fossil 
2. PALAEONTOLOGY[online] Edu Dino Sci 
3. Dickinson College Resources Edu Res Acad 
4. Paleontology Portal Edu Res Map 
5. Smithsonian Resources Edu Teach Mus 
6. Feedly Paleontology Blogs News Sci Blog 
7. Feedspot Paleontology Blogs News Edu Blog 
8. Wikipedia Category Ref Edu Comm 
9. PaleoArchive Paleo Research Hist 
10. MyFossil Paleo Comm Share 
11. Paleo Portal Fossils Education Research 
12. Burgess Shale Fossils Virtual Tour Science 
14. PALAEONTOLOGY[online] Paleontology Education Science 
15. PaleobioDB Paleontology Fossils Database 
16. SI Library Paleontology Research Library 
17. NatGeo Edu Paleontology Education National Geographic 
18. National Geographic Paleontology Science Education 
19. Digital Atlas Life Education Fossils Research 
20. US Forest Service Conservation Geology Paleontology 
21. BLM Paleontology Conservation Research 
22. DigitalAtlas Paleontology Education Textbook 
23. PRI Paleontology Education Research 
24. PaleoSoc Paleontology Education Advocacy 
25. Smithsonian Paleo Paleontology Education Museum 
26. Journal Paleo Paleontology Research Journal 
27. NPS Fossils Paleontology Education Protection 
28. Palaeontology Journal Paleontology Research Journal 
29. Britannica Paleo Paleontology Education History 
30. Dino Directory Dinosaurs Research Education 
31. National Geo Paleo Fossils Education Research 
32. Paleobiology DB Data Research Taxonomy 
33. UCMP Berkeley Museum Dinosaurs Education 
34. Library of Congress Paleontology Dinosaurs Education 
35. Smithsonian Libraries Education Research Dinosaurs 
36. AMNH Paleontology Fossils Evolution Research 
37. Paleo Society Paleontology Research Education 
38. AMNH Ology Paleontology Kids Education 
39. PRI Paleontology Research Collections 
1. IRIS Seismo Res Edu 
2. Global Seismology Quake Seismo RT 
3. EMSC Seismo EU Data 
4. IRIS Seismo Edu Data 
5. Earthquake Track Seismo Quake Track 
6. Earthquake Tracker Earthquakes Tracking Alerts 
7. Latest Earthquakes Seismology Earthquakes Monitoring 
8. Seismic Monitor Seismology Earthquakes Monitoring 
9. Seismological Society Seismology Earthquakes Research 
10. AGU Seismology Seismology Research Education 
11. USGS Earthquakes Earthquakes Monitoring Research 
12. SRL SSA Seismology Research Publication 
13. UPSeis Seismology Education Waves 
14. EMSC Earthquake Data App 
15. SSA Seismology Science Community 
16. IRIS Browser Earthquakes Data Education 
17. IRIS Viewer Earthquakes Education Seismogram 
18. USGS Seismogram Real-Time Seismogram Research 
19. USGS City Seismo Urban Research Seismology 
20. Britannica Seismo Education Earthquakes Geophysics 
21. Cambridge Univ Seismology Education Research 
22. Nature Seismology Seismology Research News 
23. Seismosoc Seismology Education Resources 
1. ECG Blog Blog Environment Chemistry 
2. Education Geology Oil-Gas 
3. Frontiers Earth Science Research Education 
4. Enviro Geochem Environmental Chemistry Blog 
5. USGS Geochemical Data Research Environment 
6. Research Geochem Academic Journal Research 
7. Geochem Services Business Geochemistry Services 
8. Env Chem Blog Geochemistry Environment Science 
9. ScienceDaily Research Science Innovation 
10. Best of the Web Science Journals Resources 
11. SciTechDaily Atmosphere Research Earth 
12. Nature Geochem Research Environment Mercury 
Plate Tectonics
1. NatGeo Society Education Science Landforms 
2. Kentucky Geo Education USGS Geology 
3. USGS Education Education USGS Fossils 
4. News News Research Science 
5. Live Science Education Science Theory 
6. Tectonic Explorer STEM Education 3D 
7. PhET Interactive Education Science Interactive 
8. Dive & Discover Oceanography Geology Education 
9. Britannica Education Reference Science 
10. Nat Geo Parks Nature Education Parks 
11. GeoSoc Education Geology UK 
12. Nat Geo Education Science Nature 
13. Nat Geo Edu Education Teachers Resources 
14. UCMP Berkeley Education Geology History 
15. Education Geology Resources 
16. GeoQuake Education Earthquakes Science 
1. CrystalClearInsights Crystallography Insights Science 
2. UT Austin Organic Education Database 
3. CrystalNet Database Open Access Science 
4. SERC Minerals Database Research 
1. Florence Bascom Center Research Education USGS 
2. NCEI Data Archive Climate Study Research 
3. PLOS ONE Open Access Journal Academic 
4. Columbia EESC Education Academic Research 
5. ScienceDirect Journal Research International 
6. Earth Observatory NASA Research Education 
7. Friends of Science Paleoclimate Blog Research 
8. Britannica Education Information Research 
9. Paleoclimatology Research UC Berkeley 
10. Wikipedia General overview and introduction to Paleoclimatology  
12. NCEI Outreach Education Climate NOAA 
Soil Science
1. Soil Health Organic Farming UK 
2. Web Soil Survey Data Survey Soil 
3. NRCS Facts Education Science Soil 
4. Nat Geo Environment Conservation Soil 
5. Education Colleges Soil 
6. Soil Science Society of America (SSSA) Geology Soil Science Resources 
7. USDA NRCS - Soil Health Geology Soil Health Resources 
8. Soil and Water Conservation Society (SWCS) Geology Soil Conservation Resources 
Geophysical Prospecting
1. Wiley Library Research Geophysics Exploration 
2. Earthdoc Exploration Resources Geophysics 
3. EAGE Community Geophysics Research 
4. Wiley Issues Seismic Methods Exploration Geophysics 
5. ScienceDirect Applications Surveying Geophysics 
7. Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) Geophysics Prospecting Resources 
9. Geophysical Research Letters - Wiley Online Library Geophysics Research Publications 
1. Oxford Journal Research Journal Petrology 
2. Open Petrology Education Free Petrology 
3. SERC Petrology Education Teaching Petrology 
4. Frontiers Earth Sci Research Science Petrology 
5. Nature Petrology Science Research Rocks 
8. Petrology and Geochemistry - Oxford Academic Petrology Research Publications 
9. Planetary Science Institute Petrology Planetary Geology Research 
Astronomical Geology
1. USGS Astrogeology Moon Planets Geology 
2. ViewSpace Astronomy Interactive Science 
3. Geology Degree Geoscience Education Astronomy 
4. Astronomy Trek Astronomy Space Education 
5. Stellarium Stars Planetarium Map 
6. MUO Universe Astronomy Space Universe 
7. Sky & Telescope News News Astronomy Events 
8. Nature Lenghu Astronomy Observation Research 
9. Planetary Science Institute Astronomical Geology PSI Research 
1. NASA Astrobiology Astrobiology NASA Mars 
2. Feedspot Astrobiology Astrobiology Blogs Space 
3. Popular Mechanics Science Astrobiology Exploration 
4. Astrobiology Web Research News Astrobiology 
1. SEG Exploration Geophysics Environment 
2. Stanford Geophysics Education Stanford Geophysics 
1. Pew Research Statistics Data Research 
2. ArcGIS Pro GIS Software Mapping 
3. Wikipedia Geo Overview Free Accessible 
4. USGS Primer Methodology Guide Practical 
5. Esri Geostat Analysis Esri Methods 
1. Webmineral DB Mineral Edu 
2. Gem Edu Mineral 
3. Dakota Matrix Sale Mineral Rare 
4. Mindat Mineral DB Edu 
5. Mineralienatlas Mineral Atlas Comm 
6. Mineral Gems Edu 
7. Mineralogy4Kids Mineralogy Education Kids 
8. USGS Geology Geology Education Minerals 
9. Mineral Collectors Minerals Collecting Geology 
10. Gemology Hub Gemology Gemstones Jewelry 
11. Mineralogy Education Resources 
12. Min4Kids Minerals Rocks Education 
13. USGSEdu Minerals Geology Education 
14. OpenGeology Mineralogy Education Textbook 
15. Mindat Wiki Minerals Database Community 
16. MinIdentify Minerals Search Identification 
17. USGS MRDS Minerals Data Resources 
18. Mineralogy Database Minerals Data Research 
19. rockPTX Education Research Rocks 
20. Geology Minerals Education 
21. Mindat Minerals Rocks Database 
22. Rock PTX Education Mineralogy Petrology 
23. Web Mineral Data Education Images 
24. Minerals Edu Mineralogy Education Resources 
25. NHMU Mineralogy Mineralogy Museum Education 
26. MSA Mineralogy Education Research 
27. Geology Education News 
28. EarthCube Earth Science Networking Collaboration 
29. Science Daily Geology News Environment 
30. Mountain Beltway Geology Education Appalachian 
31. Geotripper Geology Education U.S. West 
32. Digital Geography GIS Mapping Geostatistics 
33. GeoPrac Geology Professional Engineering 
34. Geo-HeritageScience Geology Heritage Science Communication 
35. Sandatlas Geology Photography Education 
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1. Smithsonian Volcano Volcano Data Glo 
2. Volcano Discovery Volcano Tour News 
3. USGS Volcano Hazards USGS Volcano Haz 
4. Volcano News Volcanoes News Eruptions 
5. Volcanic Photography Volcanoes Photography Visuals 
6. VIC UCSB Volcanology Education Research 
7. USGS Volcanoes Volcanology Monitoring Hazards 
8. IAVCEI Volcanology Association Events 
9. Britannica Volcanology Eruptions Magma 
10. NatGeo Volcano Volcanoes Education Geology 
11. GVP About Volcanoes Research History 
12. JoApVolc Volcanology Research Society 
14. USGS Volcano Hazards Safety Research 
15. Volcano World Eruptions Education Research 
16. Nature Volcano Research News Geophysics 
17. Frontiers Volcano Research Science Publications 
18. UO Volcanology Research Education University 
19. GI Volcanology Alaska Volcanoes Research 
20. Planetary Volcano Planetary Science Research 
low ranks
1. ChronoConnect Geochronology Community Connection 
2. GeoSci World Science Data Guidelines 
3. UArizona Geochron Education University Research 
4. ScienceDirect Science Education Overview 
5. SERC Geochron Education Geology Time 
6. USGS Geochron DB Data Research USGS 
7. Best GeoChron Web Science Research Education 
8. Britannica GeoChron Education History Science 
9. Springer GeoChron Science Radiogenic Isotopes 
10. USGS ScienceBase Data Research USGS 
11. GeoSociety GeoChron Community Geology Discussion 
12. ChronoWeb Research Chronology Science 
13. GRC Geochron Conference Research Education 
14. GChron Research Science Discussion 
15. USGS 40Ar/39Ar Lab USGS Laboratory Research 
low ranks
1. NSF NEON Open Data Ecosystems Research 
2. Springer Books Education Research 
3. Geological Society Geology Education Science 
4. Wikipedia Information Free Overview 
6. EarthWonderland Community Connect Wonders 
7. USGS Geomorph USGS Data Monitoring 
8. The Conversation News Research Analysis 
9. Book Authority Books Education Resources 
10. SciDirect Journal Science Journal Research 
11. Britannica Geo Education Science Landforms 
12. MDPI Journal Science Open Access Journal 
13. Taylor & Francis Science Journal Review 
14. WASET Conf Events Conferences Science 
low ranks
1. JSR Sedimentary Research Research Journal Sedimentary 
2. Nature Sedimentology Research Science Articles 
3. IAS Publications Educational Research 
4. JSG Geosciences Academic Research Education 
5. Udemy Course Online Course Education Global 
6. Geology Rocks Sedimentary Processes 
7. Earth Sciences Sedimentology News 
16. Sedimentologika Sedimentary Processes Open Access Community-Driven 
17. Geology Science Field Observations Lab Analyses Numerical Modeling 
18. Minerals Database Geology 
19. Sedimentologists Online Geology Education Resources 
20. - Sedimentary Rocks Geology Education Rocks 
21. Udemy - Sedimentology Courses Geology Education Courses 
22. Sedimentary Rocks - Wikipedia Geology Reference Wikipedia 
low ranks
1. Hatari Labs Books Books Geochemistry Resources 
2. Hydrogeologist Time Capsule Hydrogeologists Research Profiles 
3. TU Berlin Hydrogeology Research Education Groundwater 
4. Centre for Hydrology Research Education Water 
5. Wichita State Hydrogeology Education Research Students 
6. Nature Science Research Hydrogeology 
7. UW–Madison Education Geoscience Hydrogeology 
8. Springer Journal Research Science Hydrogeology 
9. USGS HIVIS Imagery Visualization Hydrogeology 
10. UW-Madison Hydrogeology Major research and educational resource on hydrogeology provided by the University of Wisconsin-Madison. 
11. IAH Focused on promoting the understanding and management of groundwater. 
13. Hydrogeology Journal Geology Research Publications 
14. National Ground Water Association (NGWA) Geology Groundwater Resources 
15. Nature - Hydrogeology Research Geology Research Publications 
low ranks
1. Feedspot Blog Blogs Paleontology Research 
2. PaleoBioDB Fossils Database Research 
3. Library of Congress Education Dinosaurs Paleontology 
4. Nature Research Science Paleoecology 
5. Digital Atlas Ancient Life Atlas Paleoecology 
6. USGS U.S. Research Paleoecology 
7. PNAS Journal Research Paleoecology 
8. ScienceDirect Science Research Paleoecology 
9. Nat Geo Nature Paleontology Education 
14. Paleontology Society Paleoecology Paleontology Resources 
low ranks
1. NOAA Exploration Exploration Global Marine 
2. Nat Geo Education Science Oceanography 
3. Awesome Ocean Marine Research Science 
4. WHOI Research Education Oceanography 
5. NOAA Service Marine Protection Service 
6. edX Courses Education Online Oceanography 
7. TOS Journal Research Journal Science 
8. WHOI Oceanic Research US Maritime 
9. Scripps Ocean Research San Diego Maritime 
10. MBARI Microbial Oceanography US Research 
11. CMRE NATO Maritime Research 
12. NOAA US Marine Environmental Monitoring 
13. NIWA New Zealand Environmental Marine 
14. PML UK Climate Change Marine 
15. Aus Antarctic Div Australia Antarctica Research 
17. Ocean Exploration and Research - National Geographic Society Oceanography Exploration National Geographic 
low ranks
Environmental Geology
1. Nature Geoscience Science Research Geology 
2. AEG Geology Engineering Environment 
3. USGS Education Education Geology Resources 
4. Nova Library Education Library Geology 
5. News Science Geology 
6. ScienceDaily News Science Environment 
7. GeoScienceWorld Research Science Geology 
8. USAGov Government Research Geology 
9. Geology Page Geology Education Resources 
10. Geological Society of America Society Geology Research 
11. National Park Service - Geology National Parks Geology Conservation 
12. Geology News News Geology Discoveries 
13. Geological Society of London Society Geology Publications 
14. - Fossils Fossils Geology Education 
15. Environmental Geology - University of Texas at Arlington Environmental Geology Education University 
low ranks
1. U.S. Geological Survey USGS Geology Earth Science 
2. Nature Research Science Nature 
3. Stanford Geology Stanford Education Geology 
4. ScienceDirect Research Journals Science 
5. Open Educational Alberta Education Geology Free 
6. Cambridge Geology Education Books Cambridge 
7. Carleton Resources Education Resources Carleton 
8. SpringerLink Academic Research Springer 
9. Britannica Education Encyclopedia Britannica 
low ranks
1. Summons Lab MIT Research MIT Geobiology 
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1. Open-Source Analysis Community 
2. EarthRef Education Research Reference 
3. Nature Paleomag Research Science Articles 
4. USGS Volcano Watch Volcanic Studies USGS 
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Quaternary Science
1. Journal Quaternary Sci Research Journal Science 
2. Quaternary Sci Adv Open Access Rapid Publication 
3. Quaternary Research History Interdisciplinary Journal 
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